About the Park

Form Gallery 2017

In early spring 2016 we spent an afternoon exploring the Aranda Bushlands. The painting Dynamic Bushland is about that experience. As a painter of colour and light I have endeavoured to build up sensations reminiscent of being in the bush. 

I have used strong juxtaposed colours with raw energetic shapes and gestures to create afterimages and chromatic vibrations as a reminder of the complexity and diversity of the bushlands. Using reds for the earth and pure strong colours for growth, air, water, sky, movement, flight sound and sensation. I have explored space form depth and rhythm to make these dynamic action paintings about the park. 

From the ridges and the lookouts translucent and opaque light become the subject of my two small paintings, Light 1 and Light 2.

“Often using experimental techniques in painting, Di Broomhall creates works which investigate light and surface to express the wider landscape. As evident in her work Light 1, Broomhall is profoundly influenced by the natural environment and tests the path of light through the landscape, using her favoured medium of oil paint, in a scientific way. Through her painting Dynamic Bushland, the shifting light’s relationship within the Australian landscape creates a bold pattern that becomes a discourse on time. These artworks feature detailed observation of light, exploring the intense local light that can be viewed from Canberra’s ridge tops– across a mix of bushland and suburbs. "

Julie Sabour, Curator 

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