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This body of work was inspired by the discovery of a number of enigmatic and poetic dolls.  Much of the thinking follows on from my Masters dissertation Opening up a Fold in Space, my recent exhibition 5 Breaths of the Spirit and travels through China.


In the imaginary real world of Baby Joss Box traditional values and future needs find an uneasy equilibrium. This discreet (if shabby) pick up and wrapping service is available with basic rituals performed at a small cost.' The Festival of Pure Brightness' 1  is alluded to with the inclusion of joss papers folded into the linen of the baby shrouds.

KHOROS  for Baby Joss

The body as language, and the garment as language find expression in this work. This chorus line includes the absent body within the garments, where each garment signifies a state the body may adopt. The shield of these garments and others will inevitably be taken up again and again at which point the absent body appears. 

The chorus is underscored with the refrain of the spirit…see me … hear me … touch me … hold me.

This ritual processional chorus exists in the imaginary real world of the Baby Joss Box: 2046 AD.  At critical times the chorus appeals for clemency with the refrain…see me…hear me…touch me …hold me… Sometimes this appeal is successful sometimes not.


In this caryatid column the body becomes attenuated and insignificant as the wedding dress ritual supports and maintains complex subliminal emotional beliefs.


1  Ching Ming or Festival of Pure Brightness is a joss ritual performed for the spirit of the dead relatives to ensure peace of the spirit and prosperity of the family in the future.

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