Restoring the Balance

M16 Artspace 2019

My studio is on the other side of town. 

This has proven to be a good thing as the trip to and from my studio takes me through hilly grazing land where horses live, towards the beautiful horizons of the Brindabella Ranges and then veering off along sweeping roads around the lake. 

Burley Griffin and Marian Mahony designed this city on principles of sacred geometry and each day travelling from one side to the other the balance of great skies, distant landscape, dwellings and flow -through travel corridors are all markers of transition. Mostly my experience of Canberra as place is of the skies, the weather, the parklands and natural reserves between pods of business, suburban homes and gardens. 

I consider myself extraordinarily luck to be living in this beautiful city designed for balance, good function, beauty, and wellbeing. 

My painting investigations explore the potential inherent in living here, intensifying and giving shape to my experiences of this transitional space in which I live between the canvas and the natural world.

 © 2019 Di Broomhall

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